The First email you Should Send When you Start a Business and to Who you Should Send it

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In the past every time I start a new project, I would set up Facebook ads to get my first few sales.

Now thinking about it, I don’t know why I didn’t utilize my personal connections first to help get my first few customers.

It’s better to start with personal network because, it’s easy access and they are willing to help you.

Even if you think you don’t know a lot of people, it’s still a very effective strategy to get your first few customers.

For example: let’s assume that you ONLY have 100 people in your network, personal connections/Linkedin/Facebook… etc, you don’t just have access to them, you actually have access to their network too. So if you know, 100 people and each one of your network ONLY has a network of 100 that’s 1000 people you have an essay access to them. You probably will get the first a few customers doing that.

The First Email you Should Send when You Start any Business:

I found this email template in the $100 Startup book, by Chris Guillebeau.

It will help you get the word out about your business by asking your network to help you.

Hi [name],

I wanted to quickly let you know about a new project I’m working on.

It’s called [name of business or project], and the goal is to [main benefit]. We hope to [big goal, improvement, or idea].

Don’t worry, I haven’t added you to any lists and I won’t be spamming you, but if you like the idea and would like to help out here’s what you can do:
[Action Point 1]
[Action Point 2]

Thanks again for you time

In the action point section, you can ask them for referrals, share on social media, introduction……. to help you get the word out about your business.

Change it and personalize it for each person, people don’t like to feel that you’re spamming them.

Here is a way to get your network emails through Linkedin

1-Sign in to Linkedin and click My Network.

2- Click on the gear icon.

3- Click on “export Linkedin connection”.


4- Choose format.

5- Now you have a full list of names and email of your Linkedin connections.


Take the time and email them one by one, make it personalized to each one and make sure it doesn’t look like it’s a bulk email.


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