Ten Quick Ways to Get your First 3 Customers With $0 Budget

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Ten Quick Ways to Get your First 3 Customers With $0 Budget

I used these methods to get my first 15 customers for Wantrepreneur Challenges without spending any money:

1- Make a list the names of people from your network who might be interested in your product/ service, then reach out to them one by one.

2- Reach out to all your connections on LinkedIn one by one, tell them about your product/service and ask them for referrals.

3- Search Twitter for people talking about the problem you’re solving or looking for your services.


4- Attend Meetups where your target customer meet.

5- Mention your product/service in your email signature.


6- If you’re B2B, reach out directly to target customers on LinkedIn. Use LinkedIn search and InMail feature to find and contact them.

7- Reach out to Twitter/Facebook followers of your competitors.

8- Post on Craigslist or look for potential customers there.

9- Online communities Facebook groups/LinkedIn Groups/ Reddit/Google communities. Don’t spam, add value engage and focus on helping members. Only reach out to people who need your help.

10- Partner with similar companies who serve the same kind of your customers and create benefit for them to email their customers.

Pick one or two and go get new customers today.

If you need help to get your first 3 customers email me at moe@fikkrah.com, I’ll work with you to help you get your first 3 customers for your business.

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