Tools I Used to Get my First Few Sales Without Spending any Money

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Starting a business doesn’t have to be expensive.

In the past when I want to test or start a new business idea, I would spend a lot of time and money on tools, different kinds software, and paid ads.

A lot of times I won’t make any sale, and I would lose all the time, effort and money.

Another problem with this method is that if I don’t make sales, I wouldn’t be able to know why. Is it the idea? Is it the landing page? Is it the Facebook ad copy? Is the website copy? There are a lot of variables.

That’s why it’s crucial to validate the idea without spending time and money and keeping everything simple.

With my new business “Wantrepreneur Challenges“, I didn’t spend any money to get my first a few sales:

Here are some free tools that helped me to get the first a few sales:

Collecting emails: instead of paying for a landing page software, and the time you need to learn it and set up my landing page, I just used Google Forms to get emails from people who are interested.

Getting traffic: I didn’t spend any money to drive traffic to my offer, I only needed a few customers to validate before I move on with my business idea.

I borrowed traffic from websites that have my targeted traffic.

Here some ideas:

  • Craigslist
  • Online communities (no spamming make sure you read the rules, engage and add value first)
  • Quora
  • Guest blogging

Check out my “Ten Quick Ways to Get your First 3 customers with $0 Budget” for more channels.

Analytics: When I posted a link to my Google Form (Landing Pages) somewhere, I would use Bitly link to track where the traffic is coming from, plus I had a google sheet to track when someone signs up so I can tell the conversion rate from each channel.

CRM: I started with Google Sheets, it was good enough, then I switch to Streak it’s easy and simple, works with Gmail. After someone submits their email I start the sales process through email.
Tip: You need to track your sales pipeline because 80% of sales I got after following up.

Signing up (closing): when someone is ready to buy I send them Google Forms asking for information I need to sign him/her up with a Paypal link, then I switched to Gumroad it’s much simpler.

I learned that keeping it simple it is better, faster and cheaper, plus I can fix and adapt much quicker.

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